Ethiopia - Harrar Natural Process

Ethiopia -  Harrar Natural Process
Ethiopia - Harrar Natural Process
Sweet red berry aroma, moderate chocolaty body, red berry notes abound, with smooth long finish 

"Until December 2008, growers could also sell direct to export markets but this has recently been reigned in and the difficulty of determining precise provenance – a corner stone of specialty coffee – has been a tremendous frustration to buyers in consuming markets. 

In April 2008, the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) established a platform for the trade of undifferentiated crops such as wheat, maize, sesame and haricot beans. Coffee was also brought under this roof later that year – in part to enable the government to realize some of the revenue earnings from this unique crop. 

On arrival at the ECX, the coffee is repackaged and then categorized according to cup profile and any origin provenance is effectively lost at this point. Although this intervention does not result in a poorer quality – indeed, it may well lead to a more consistent and better cup – and may well help to secure higher prices for growers, the pooling of coffees based on taste alone means that, crucially, the buyer cannot trace a coffee back to the grower, cooperative or region. And this is what is upsetting buyers as rationality has become a defining criteria in specialty coffee. At this time, an estimated 90% of all Ethiopia’s crop is sold through the ECX and only large cooperatives can seek exemption. Importers and roasters continue to lobby the ECX for greater transparency and remain hopeful that traceability can soon be restored and individual growers of exceptional coffees given the recognition they deserve."
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