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The Roastery was created out of our need for high quality fresh roasted coffee with an emphasis on retaining the natural characteristics of the bean. Unlike many coffee roasters in Phoenix we have a retail coffee shop letting us really connect with our coffee.


We pride ourselves in the knowledge we have about our coffee; whether it be a specific growing region, roasting a coffee to an exact profile, extracting an outstanding espresso, pouring a perfect cappuccino, or finishing a drink with stunning latte art. We strive to be leaders in Arizona coffee and continue to gain and share knowledge about the most current developments in the specialty coffee industry.

Press Coffee Roasters takes an artisanal approach to roasting and is only done in small batches; we find this the best way to maintain a high level consistency and quality. We meticulously source and roast coffees from various regions all over the world. During our coffee sourcing process we sample roast and cup multiple coffees from the each of the regions that we carry. After selecting the best representative coffees, we then fine-tune our roasting process to bring out the best inherent flavor in each coffee. It is a time consuming process, but we do this to ensure that only great coffees will bear the Press Coffee Roasters name.

Press Coffee Roasters is defined by one thing: our quality

The only way for us to provide our customers with the freshest coffee is for us to start with green beans and roast them here in Phoenix.

When you combine commitment to quality with the pride and passion of Press baristas, it is no surprise Press is considered to be one of Phoenix’s best coffee shops. From traditional drinks to some of the modern favorites, Press continues to caffeinate Phoenicians from the commuter crowd just grabbing a quick drip, right on down to the folks who have to have a latte served in a ceramic mug. As one of our customers put it, “You guys are really obsessed with coffee aren’t you?” We are, and that is exactly what we strive for, perfection in every aspect of our coffee.

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