Press Mentions

Article about Press Coffee's barista jam in Barista Magazine. "Challenging the Status 'Spro: Building a coffee community in Arizona... I realized how successful the event had become. It was not just about baristas showing off their chops or drinking absurd amounts of beer; it was about the often forgotten concept that coffee means so much to people that they devote a percentage of their day to you. They could go anywhere."

Best of our Valley

Voted the Best Cup of Coffee in 2010 and 2011 by readers. "Voters can't get enough of the fresh, eco-friendly brews at this CityCenter of CityNorth coffee shop. Plus, the baristas at Press know how to impress with their eye-catching coffee art."

Multiple mentions on Arizona Coffee. "It's Press Coffee — and they've been both an advocate for coffee culture in the valley, and proven that a coffee shop can be successful in the north valley. They roast their own coffee — and it's delicious and consistent." — November, 2010

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