Being A Home Barista

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Making coffee at home is a very doable and enjoyable process. From a simple cup of drip to the perfect latte or cappuccino, we can offer you the training it takes to become your household barista.

Brewing Coffee

Take a peak at our brew method instructions below. Press Coffee takes a very scientific approach to brewing coffee and it shows in the final product. We sell many of the tools needed and if you ask any of our baristas at Scottsdale Quarter they can give you some great insights.

Brew Methods


Espresso is where things become both tricky and fun. We offer a 2 hour home barista class at our training facility. The course features 1 hour of espresso, during which we focus on dose, dialing in, and the variables and qualities that go into a great shot. The second hour focuses on milk - creating microfoam, temperature, the differences between lattes and cappuccinos, and pouring art. If you have any interest in this course please email Alex.

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