So you're ready to make the plundge into intensive brewing! The siphon can be a real challenge to master but when successful, the result is a truely great cup of coffee. Below is our most consistent recipe. Brewer beware, it will take a couple tries before you can nail that great cup.


For a 20oz:

You'll Need:

Coffee: 38 grams, freshly ground slightly coarser than a french press
Water: 20 ounces

Step 1: Pour 20 ounces of pre-heated (just below boiling) water into your bottom bowl.
Step 2: Set up your apparatus with the heat source under the bottom bowl and the top glass tightly attached to the bottom bowl with the filter in place.
Step 3: Turn your heat source on and wait for the water to rise to the top glass.
Step 4: Once the water has almost entirely risen (a small amount will remain at the bottom), give the water several big stirs to bring the temperature down. Pour your coffee grounds into the water, start your timer, and give it two stirs.
Step 5: Wait 45 seconds and give the now bloomed coffee 4 more stirs.
Step 6: At 1:15, turn your heat source off. Once the drop down begins, give it two more stirs. At about half way through the drop down, give it two more final stirs and let the brew process finish.
Step 7: Once the gurgle occurs, remove the top glass and enjoy your coffee!

Barista at Scottsdale Quarter