French Press

Tried and true, the french press offers a ton of body and strong, complex flavors. If you're looking to bring out the deeper, heavier flavors of your coffee this is your method!


For a 20oz:

You'll Need:

Coffee: 36 grams, freshly ground on a coarse setting
Water: 20 ounces

Step 1: Place your french press on a scale. Pour the grounds into the press and tare the scale.
Step 2: Pour 1.5 ounces of water over the grinds and start your timer.
Step 3: After 30 seconds give your coffee a quick stir, and then pour the remaining 18.5 ounces into the press. Place the press portion on the top of the vessel to retain heat.
Step 4: At 3:30 total time, press the filter down and immediately pour into another cup or pitcher.
Step 5: Enjoy!

Barista at Scottsdale Quarter