Press Coffee’s Vision is clear. We need to do justice to the farmers and growers who have taken coffee, far beyond its roots, through great peril and triumph into new soils around the globe.

Coffee strains are cultivated like fine wine, protected at all costs, to enrich the lives in the communities they’re grown. We as baristas, and protectors of this coffee, want to exhibit our unique perspective of its diverse flavors, through our predominantly medium roasts, unique brewing, and world class machines and skills. We can only stand on the backs of the foundations of the coffee, our ingredients, and our training to make each drink, the best you've had. It may sound cheesy, but to us, coffee is a beautiful thing.

Yet, no vision like ours can be realized without continual growth and development for our employees; through training, coffee cuppings, classes and competitions. We strive to continually build, and foster meaningful relationships with our growers and importers, as well as the many local companies that have helped enable us to expand.

Barista at Scottsdale Quarter